Community Researchers and Linguistic Partners

Community Researchers

Community Researchers (CR) may be from any Native American Tribe or nation that demonstrates a strong desire for revitalization of their language and culture.  Prior language knowledge or training is not required.  Applicants need to have a strong interest in their heritage language and a desire to learn how to use archival materials to aid in a revitalization effort.

Individual applicants should indicate if they are part of a group. It is likely that the number of participants from any given community will be limited to less than four (4) participants.  It is possible to have more than one group per language, especially if working with different dialects of the same language.

Linguistic Partners

Linguistic Partners (LP) are individuals who are trained in linguistics and have grammatical knowledge about a particular language.  During the workshop, LPs are paired with CRs to work together to achieve the goals of the CR team.